Hello! Welcome to the home of Sing-now's vocal coaching.

Who are lessons suitable for?

Whether you are starting your journey in voice discovery or singing professionally, sessions are customised to suit the individual's requirements- whether preparing for auditions for drama school/music college, talent shows, concerts, graded exams, family occasions, GCSE music or simply for fun!

Sarah understands that singing in front of people can be daunting but promises to provide a relaxed supportive environment to work in. A member of the British Voice Association, Sarah has been teaching one to one lessons for nearly 16 years now and finds that individuals improve far more quickly than learning to sing in large groups.

As a working performer, Sarah is constantly developing herself and is therefore able to pass on what she has learnt from her own world class teachers to her students. For more info on Sarah's performing career please see her website Sarah-Joyce.co.uk

Whats are the benefits? Well...

Singing has a range of mental and physical benefits. Studies show that as well as learning new skills, singing can improve self-esteem and build confidence. When you sing your body produces feel-good hormones called endorphins. It is also a great workout for your heart and lungs. The diaphragmatic breathing required in singing can help reduce stress and anxiety and is a good way to promote a healthy lymphatic system, which in turn promotes a healthy immune system!

What's new this year?

Our Adult choir is in its 2nd year and is suitable for beginners to aspiring professionals. Sessions are held at the Surbiton Methodist Church on Tuesday evenings 7.30-9pm and run for x10 weeks. We have a few spaces available for Jan 2019 so please email for more info.

What might you cover in a lesson?

  • Warm- ups and warm-downs
  • Abdominal release/reflex breath
  • Connection to the text
  • Audition Technique
  • Finding your authentic sound
  • Vocal hygiene
  • Sourcing appropriate repertoire
  • Active alignment
  • Performance anxiety tips
  • Harmony and Aural awareness
  • Improvisation

What technique do you teach?

Singing teaching is an unregulated industry so it is really important to find the right teacher for you. Most singing teachers teach what they have been taught themselves. Sarah's passion is to keep up to date with ALL the schools of thought on singing and she sticks to science based teachings. Therefore you can rest assured that your voice is in safe hands. Sarah teaches Musical Theatre and CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music)

Sarah will help you to develop a voice that is Full, Free and Flexible. Allowing you to create maximum sound for minimum effort giving you a healthy, long lasting voice.

Where are the lessons?

Sarah teaches in her Studio in Guildford and also in Surbiton.

By starting singing lessons you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Sarah encourages you to be the bravest version of yourself.

To book in with Sarah please contact her here

Sarah Joyce x